Backflow Testing & Repair

Backflow testing is a critical service for any business or homeowner in and around Corpus Christi, TX. Backflow devices ensure our drinking water is safe from any harmful bacteria. Inside most types of backflow devices, there is a check valve. If that check valve detects a reversal of water it will seal shut to prevent the potentially contaminated water entering our potable water supply. Annual backflow testing is important to ensure the backflow device is working properly. Call today for a free quote.


When Do You Need a Backflow Test?

Backflow devices must be tested upon installation, after being repaired, or if your local municipality requires you to do so on an annual basis.

Regular backflow testing helps to detect any issues and to prevent contaminated water from entering the public water supply.


How Much Does a Backflow Test Cost?

Sprinkler Doctor of Corpus Christi charges $100 per inch of the backflow device.

1″ = $100

1.5″ = $150

2″ = $200


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